Kindle Paperwhite 1 vs Asus Nexus 7 (2013) as a reader

Recently, due to my work duties I obtained a new toy – second generation of 7-inch Nexus tablet. As a avid reader of electronic books since the times of Pocket PC 2003, when everybody were mocking me, what a lunatic I am – read books on PDA – time had changed 🙂  and today I can compare my latest e-ink reader Kindle Paperwhite with LCD tablet. Someone can argue that you can’t compare those two devices, but why not? Let’s say I want to read ebooks. What device is better for this purpose? Universal Android tablet or specialized e-ink reader? Let’s look at it in more details.

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Wine Reviews in Year 2014

After world of tea, coffee and whisky (not published in english) I am exploring world of wine. I have been drinking wine for a long time, but I’ve never focus on wines outside Moravia (part of Czech Republic). Moravian winemakers produce one of the best white wines, but red wines don’t have proper conditions and weather to fully grow in this part of world. I will focus on wines with the best price/yummy ratio, which for me is set to around 10-30 euros. Continue reading

Hello World!

I want publish here all interesting things which I encounter during my life journey. Primary language of this blog is czech, but if you are interested in any topic on czech part of webpage, let me know, I will translate it.

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