Wine Reviews in Year 2014

After world of tea, coffee and whisky (not published in english) I am exploring world of wine. I have been drinking wine for a long time, but I’ve never focus on wines outside Moravia (part of Czech Republic). Moravian winemakers produce one of the best white wines, but red wines don’t have proper conditions and weather to fully grow in this part of world. I will focus on wines with the best price/yummy ratio, which for me is set to around 10-30 euros.

5) France – Chateau Bellevue la Foret – Fronton 2009 (8/27/2014)

20140827_231951_Fronton_front 20140827_232012_fronton_back

Region: Close to Toulouse, between the Garonne a Tarn rivers
Grapes: 55% Negrette, 25 % Syrah, 15 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc
Year: 2009
Wineyard: Chateau Bellevue la Foret
Cost 10 Euro
Retailer: Moravská banka vín (Czech shop)
Alcohol: 13,5 %

An aroma is not strong, but pleasant. Consistency is very oily (good sign). Full bodied, complex, complex, blueberries, spice and most importantly delicious. Tannins are present, but very soft. Mr. winemaker writes that mico-bubbles and addition of oxygen is used to soften them, interesting 🙂 Aftertaste pleasant, fresh, long. Compare to already reviewed Mavro 2009 I lacked the velvet feeling inside my mouth. Anyway, it is excellent wine for your money.

Verdict: aroma 75/100taste 88/100aftertaste 80/100

4) Portugal – Doural – Red Tinto 2012 (8/25/2014)

20140825_221918_Doural_red_tinto 20140825_221918_Doural_red_tinto_back

Region: Douro
Grapes: Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca, Touriga Franca, Tinta amarela
Year: 2012
Wineyard: Sogevinus
Cost 8 euro
Retailer: Moravská banka vín (Czech shop)
Alcohol: 12,5 %

Aroma is not strong side. After some time I feel only evaporating ethanol only. It is not a tragedy, but the worst from what I’ve tested so far. Taste is better, but simpl, all is beated by strong rough tannins. Tannins stay in your mouth for very long time. Young wine suitable for steaks or red meats.

Verdict:  aroma 40/100, taste 60/100aftertaste 40/100

3) South Africa – Pinotage 2011 (8/21/2014)

20140823_150120_pinotage2011 20140823_150203_pinotage2011back

Region: unknown
Grapes: Pinotage 100%
Year: 2011
Wineyard: Welmoed
Cost 4 euro (8 without discount)
Retailer: Albert supermarket
Alcohol: 13,5 %

My the first encounter with this grape variety. Arome is quite feeble. but pleasant. Taste is really “different”, expressive, sweet, raisins.  In this bottle the tast is relatively simple a after some time boring.  However, I want to buy another more representative bottle with this grape variety.

Verdict: aroma 70/100taste 70/100aftertaste 60/100  

2) France – Chatau Bellevue la Forét – Mavro rouge 2009 (8/7/2014)


Region: Southwest
Grapes: Négrette 100%
Year: 2009
Wineyard: Chatau Bellevue la Forét
Cost 12 euro
Retailer: Moravská banka vín (Czech shop)
Alcohol: 14,5 %

This wine has surprices me a lot. The first thing you notice is dar ruby red color, almost black. Aroma is nice, but not overwhelming. What I find out the most enjoying is the velvet feeling inside mouth. Almost like wine is caressing you inside your mouth and throat, awesome feeling!  Taste is unconventional, spicy, smoky, full bodied. This wine is perfect for slow drinking and enjoying every sip. Anyway, this wine has wow efect and definetely is worthy of every penny (euro, crown, etc.)

Verdict: aroma 80/100taste 90/100aftertaste 75/100  

1) Argentina – Piedra Negra Malbec Reserva (8/14/2014)

20140823_150236_Piedra_front 20140823_150251_Negra_back

Regiont: Mendoza
Grapes: Malbec 100%
Year: 20011
Wineyard: Bodega Piedra Negra
Cost 12 euro
Retailer: Global Wines
Alcohol: 14 %

Very unorthodox pleasant aroma, spice, vanilla. Taste also unorthodox, very sweety, like cherry compote, hard to believe, that it is dry wine. Only aftertaste is nothing special, too rough tannins. Interesting grape variety, I definately plan to test another bottle.

Verdict: aroma 85/100, taste 75/100, aftertaste 65/100

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